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Infiniti Model Nomenclature Changes Explained

Author: Marvin Droege | Date: 03/22/2013


Infiniti decided to change all of their model names, to get rid of confusion with the previous ones.

All of the cars will now start with the letter Q for Coupes, Sedans and Convertibles, while all of the SUV's have a QX at the beginning. These changes will take place with the model year 2014. This seems a very short time, since most models of Infiniti have been redesigned in 2013. That's why Infiniti decided just to change the names and only do slight differences on the actual car to keep the value of the 2013 models.

The new names now make more sense, not just because they are in order. The current Infiniti G37 Coupe will have the new name Infiniti Q60 and the Infiniti M-series will take the name Infiniti Q70 and so on.

The starting model will be the all new Infiniti Q50, which will also come in a hybrid version, which you can check out on our website.

These are the following Infiniti's:

  • Q50/Q50 Hybrid      is a new model
  • Q60                       will replace the current G37
  • Q70                       will repalce the current M-series
  • QX50                     will replace the current EX
  • QX60                     will replace the current JX
  • QX70                     will replace the current FX
  • QX80                     will replace the current QX


  • get rid of previous and confusing model names
  • new structure
  • model names make sense
  • model names in order
  • not a lot changes until 2016 in models

The reason why Infiniti changes their model names is probably because of the new owner who must have realized that the previous names were just confusing and made no sense.

Since the models have been redisigned not a long time ago, there won't be a lot of changes on the upcoming 2014 model year. We expect a major facelift no earlier than 2016 to keep the values of the current models for a longer time.


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