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The 2014 Infiniti Q50

Model Overview

Infiniti has recently made the decision to change the naming system for its forthcoming lineup. And while some may believe that it may be strictly to make their cars easier to identify, the change also signifies a new direction for the company’s design and technology. The sun has set on the Infiniti G37 sedan; it has evolved into the new 2014 Infiniti Q50, bringing with it changes to safety and technology – as well as a complete redesign. The new Q50 carries more than just the basic improvements of another calendar year, it carries some innovation that will remain in the industry for future generations.

Once aboard the 2014 Infiniti Q50, one of the first things you’ll notice its dual screen interface seamlessly embedded in the dash – and while they add to a nice flow to the interior, they are far from just ornamental. It seems that many automotive manufacturers today are abiding by a mantra of “Technology… Because We Can”. While some might climb inside the Infiniti Q50 and see a greater complication in infotainment, we believe the dual screens actually simplify the need for information in transit. By giving the driver (or passenger) two screens on which to track down or gather information at one time, the complicated becomes an easy task. The truth is that our lives have gotten steadily busier and more technology-driven, and an automobile with just one screen has trouble keeping pace. The new 2014 Infiniti Q50 brings the term “multitask” to the next level. An example in practice: You’re already late to a nice dinner. And while your date for the evening pokes at the bottom display trying to find the satellite radio station statistically most likely to play T-Swift, you are pinching and scrolling on the upper GPS display, trying to get a rough concept as to just how bad the traffic ahead of you is. While completely engaged with (or distracted by) the new dual-screen interface, Infiniti Q50 owners can opt for an Intelligent Cruise Control system that makes sure you don’t have to swap paint and insurance information with the yellow-and-duct-tape Geo Metro in front of you. While Intelligent Cruise is protecting your investment you are also utilizing the bluetooth hookup to call in that long dreaded root canal appointment to your local dentist and later, to stream some Kenny G from your iPhone to get psyched up about it. If the Q50’s twin display system can get you out of a jam in crunch time, imagine what it can do to simplify your life when you’re on top of it. Atmosphere has always separated “luxury cars” from just “cars”. Few things are more frustrating than creating your perfect personal environment with the temperature the way you like it, favorite radio stations finely tuned, navigation settings perfected, and seat exactly fitted to your body – only to find that someone has upset them when borrowing your car. The new Q50’s software allows for independent user personalization that maintains all of these atmospheric preferences. The user profile corresponds to the owner’s Infiniti’s Intelligent Key; where two drivers share a Q50 there is never again a need to battle over saved settings; they are automatically configured when you unlock it. Some luxury cars are simply smarter than others. Thanks to something as simple and convenient as a user profile, your preferences travel with you. The way you like your seat tilted up and with extra lower back support. How you want the A/C as frigid as possible, blasting at full power. How you like your talk radio and news stations on at all times to keep a pulse on the world today. All of these things will adjust the second you approach your Q50. And, if your other driver likes their seat close enough to rest their chin on the steering wheel, turns the cabin into a 90 degree inferno, and listens to R&B slow jams on the way to the store, your world won’t be turned upside down when it’s your turn again. We remarked, on first sitting in the Q50, that the second touch screen was like a tablet. Everyone loves mobile devices – especially because they are so customizable with personalized apps; why haven’t we seen apps in our cars yet? With new 2014 Infiniti Q50, you can download apps through your smartphone and install them on board utilizing the Infiniti InTouch app. Here are some apps now available that you might use: Infiniti Connection (A virtual key to unlock / lock and remote start your Q50) Pandora / iHeart Radio Facebook Google Connected Search Hands-free Texting Our 2014 Infiniti Q50 review of the dual-touch screen system, though it appears and feels elegant and smooth, it may lead to an issue when you want to quickly adjust, for example, your A/C temperature and you have to traverse a menu just to get to the appropriate screen. Instead of relying solely on its screens Infiniti has added “shortcut” analog buttons for adjusting things like temperature (for both sides) and drive mode in order to make certain actions quicker and – more importantly – less distracting to the driver. The minimalist button + tablet design is an improvement on the 2013 Infiniti G37, whose dash looked a little bit like an ATM – though sadly it did not dispense crisp twenties out of the disc player.
Along with the array of new technology that Infiniti equipped in the new Q50, Infiniti has also made remarkable changes to create a distinctive new design, complementing the reinvention of their company and their nomenclature. The Q50’s innovative style starts at the front of the car with its pronounced double-arched grill along with an all new set of glimmering LED headlights and running lights that mimic the human eye. Infiniti has adorned the Q50 with prominent roof top lines that merge into the crescent-cut C pillar creating a fluid continuity from front to rear, where the look is finished off with a set of LED taillights. Every line on the outside looks, and is, well thought out – a feeling that carries into the cabin. The second the driver gets into their new Q50, the driver-centric design is apparent. The wood and metal accents sloping elegantly towards the driver emphatically announce that they are the new masters of their automotive universe. Passengers are sure to not be disappointed; the double-wave design of the interior dash makes the right side feel like as much of a cockpit as the left.
While many aspects of Infiniti have changed drastically: Model names, technology, exterior and interior styling, one thing has certainly remained the same: Infiniti’s performance-oriented mindset. The staple of this mindset is Infiniti’s signature 3.7 DOHC V6, originally famed for being the heart of the previous G. Complete with a 7-speed automatic transmission with a manual shift mode, downshift rev-matching, and adaptive shift control, the 2014 Infiniti Q50 has some serious get up. And we all know that signature Infiniti 3.7 liter V6 sound, yeah that’s still there too. Point being, you not only get one of the most technologically advanced cars on the market, but it also drives exceptionally well, and not to mention, the 2014 Q50 price is reasonably modest to say the least. That 3.7-liter motor is connected to the asphalt through either Infiniti’s classic rear-wheel drive system, or through the Intelligent All-Wheel Drive system, making the 2014 Infiniti Q50 mpg a top contender in its class for fuel economy. Like previous years, Infiniti also offers the Q50 in a Sport trim (boasting sportier body-work, paddle-shifters, a sport-tuned suspension and a sport brake package) making your daily-driver an exhilarating ride through any stretch of road you can put your tires on. However, what is new for 2014 is that the Q50 comes in “trim levels”: base, premium, and sport that group various options together instead of staring at an a la carte menu that reads from ceiling to floor; the trims are much easier to understand. As reviewed separately, Infiniti has introduced an all new Q50 Hybrid, cutting down on carbon footprint while ultimately increasing fuel efficiency – without sacrificing performance. The hybrid is offered in both rear- and all-wheel drive versions and can be either Premium or Sport trim. Read more about the 2014 Infiniti Q50 Hybrid here: INSERT LINK Regardless of which package you pick though, If comfort, adaptability, and technological innovation are all things you want to see in your car, looks no further than the brand new 2014 Infiniti Q50. For more information on the New 2014 Infiniti Q50 and to find a local dealership, look to