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2013 Infiniti G37 coupe vs 2014 Infiniti Q60

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In 2003 Infiniti introduced their “G” series model to the U.S.  It was nominated for the “North American Car of the Year award”, was on Car and Driver Ten Best list for 2003 and 2004, as well as Motor Trend’s Car of the year for 2003. 11 years later, the “G” series still lives in spirit - but the name has changed. So, what's the difference between the Infiniti G35, the Infiniti G37, and the Infiniti Q60?


2004 Infiniti G35 Coupe

Over the past 11 years the Infiniti “G” series has gone through few name changes and facelifts.   It started out with the 2003 G35 coupe and the G35 sedan. In model year 2007, while the G35 coupe was still available, Infiniti released the new G37 Sedan complete with the redesigned 3.7 liter V6. The following model year (2008), the G37 coupe came out, catching up to the sedan.

Now in the 2014 model year, Infiniti has again changed the G badge - but more significantly. Now all G37 models go by either Q50 or Q60. The difference between the new Q50 and the new Q60 is that the Q50 is a sedan only and the Q60 is a coupe (or eventually, a convertible - probably 2015 MY).

So to review, here is the evolution: G35 (sedan/coupe) --> G37 (sedan/coupe/convertible) --> Q50 (sedan) and Q60 (coupe/convertible). The main reason for the change is to simplify the brand's product structure as well as give buyers a clear signal as to which vehicle has the higher price point. In other words, the base price of the Q60 is $3,700 more expensive than the Q50.

Now let's focus on the updates to the new Q60.


2013 Infiniti G37 

The new Q60 takes a lot, if not everything from the 2013 G37.  The Q60 still has the 3.7 DOHC 24-valve 6 cylinder engine producing 330 horsepower and 270 foot-lbs of torque.  All this power continues to be put through a 7-speed automatic transmission, but a 6-speed standard gearbox is available for the die-hard enthusiast.

Everything else, from body to chassis to engine, has stayed the same. Here are the exact, official changes:

  • G37 badge has been replaced with the Q60 badge
  • Lapis Blue (RAW) and Vibrant Red (AS4) have been deleted
  • Infiniti has introduced a new color: Venetian Ruby (NAH).

Infiniti Q60 Front end (Formerly G37 Coupe)


So with the new Q60 comes the same amazing aspects and features (especially the hallmark exhaust note Infiniti has achieved from the 3.7L engine) that the G37 brought to the table. There is still an IPL (Infiniti Performance Line) version of the Q60 offered, which adds 18 ponies and a meaner-sounding high-flow exhaust.

Since the G37 and Q60 are essentially the same car, it begs the question: when does the Infiniti Q60 get a complete redesign?

Let's look back at the history: the G35 lasted 5 model years. The G37 lasted 7 model years. Does that mean that the Q60 will last for 6 years because it has a 6 in the name? No.

I feel that Infiniti is making bolder moves in the industry and they have realized that in order to stay current and competitive, they should have a new entry-level vehicle out every three years. I feel this is especially important if, as an owner, you're on a three year lease cycle (the most popular option with Infiniti). Everyone always wants a new car, but don't you want a new car that's a new body style so that you can stay ahead of the curve?

My hope is that new Infiniti Global chief Johan de Nysschen can do with Infiniti what he did with Audi of America when he was in charge there, bringing the brand up from its crude beginnings and into a world of prominence. If you notice, when de Nysschen was in charge of AoA, the Audi A4 went through many cycles:

  • 1995 - 2001 (6 years)
  • 2001 - 2005 (4 years)
  • 2005 - 2008 (3 years)
  • 2008 - present (5 years)

I think that the economy downturn in 2008 slowed down automotive manufacturers and designers a lot. It seems things are on the upswing now so the lifecycle of the new Infiniti models, with some fresh blood to the brand, will start to get shorter again.

Video of the Exterior and Interior of Infiniti Q60 (formerly G37 Coupe)

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